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Practice hours will be 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The month of November will be Tuesdays & Thursdays.

1st Practice will be on November 14, 2023, @ 5:30 pm.

November- End of season (Usually around March)

Get your WOLVES Gear today!

With your support, a part of the proceeds from the wolves gear will come back to help the club. This is a great WIN - WIN situation for the club!


Our practice location will be at LORD and SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH 9300 Ridgefield Rd. Crystal Lake 60012

Our practice schedule can be found on the Calendar here on the website with times for each age/experience level 

As always if you have any questions we are always here to help. Please contact us with any questions. 

Why the Wolves Wrestling Club

The Wolves Wrestling club was started in 2007 by a group of dads and coaches looking to create a better environment for their wrestlers to thrive.  They had been involved in different programs in previous years, but had felt they the philosophy and direction of those clubs weren't the right fit for them.  

In creating the Wolves Wrestling club, these dads took away the measurement of success with wins and losses and replaced it with an emphasis of developing skills knowing that if kids put in hard work over time wins will become more common. 

Not only is the emphasis of winning and losing not the focal point of success for the Wolves; we pride ourselves on the family feel.  We intentionally keep our numbers lower than other clubs which ensures every wrestler is given the attention they need and deserve. 

Because of those guiding principles, the Wolves are entering their 12th season and we are proud to say we have had 

  • 8 NCAA wrestlers
  • 5 IHSA State Champions 
  • 21 IHSA state Place winners
  • 40 IHSA state qualifiers


Still have questions about the Wolves?

Check out the FAQ's page to get answers on the most common questions.


Please make sure that your wrestler arrives 10-15 minutes early on practice nights in order use the bathrooms and get ready for practice.  That means that wrestling shoes are on, head gear is strapped.  Practice attire can be any workout cloths without buttons and zippers. Gym shoes are not allowed on the mats. With that being said, we take our practice time seriously and DO NOT encourage using practice time to get down to weight. We have limited practice time with the athletes and want to make the most of it.  Therefore, if for some reason,... your wrestler has a need to make a weight class, they should be putting in extra time outside of practice time. PLEASE STAY OFF THE MATS UNTIL THEY ARE CLEANED AND DRY!  With our new location, we are going to ask parents to please stay in the hallway during practices for their safety and the safety of our wrestlers.  The wrestling room has limited space and no observation seating therefore its best if any parents and siblings remain in the hallway.  If you are new to the sport and want to see what is happening during practices, please talk to Coach Ron or Coach Joe and we make an arrangement for that to happen.   We also encourage each wrestler to bring a water bottle because there is no drinking fountain in the wrestling room.  If a wrestler has to go to the bathroom, the wrestler has to be accompanied by a coach or a parent. ( Per the School)    As a reminder, only wear your wrestling shoes on the mat!  Arrive in another form of shoes and change into them in the hallway and then enter the wrestling room.  After practice,  take a warm shower with lots of soap right after you get home from practice. Parents, please check your wrestlers for any skin irritation or anything else that doesn't look right.  We do overkill with the disinfectants on the mats but things do happen.  Help us help each other!  Also don't forget to trim those figure nails.

Our Sponsors

Thank you for your help and support.

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